This is a story of what can happen when you reject someone.

Things not to do or say...

Here is a list of things guys shouldn't say or do on dates. This is what happened to me.
 (plus another dating story)

You don't remember?

This guy and I went to grade school and high school together. We are also currently Facebook friends! What the heck? How do you not remember me?

The whole reason I started using dating sites was to get a better selection of guys out of my town.

Lesbians love me

 FYI: I am like 90% positive any lesbian/bisexual that tries to turn me out on Okcupid is actually a bot (fake account).
This is probably the "girl" messaging me

I do not like when I am asked random, irrelevant questions
Really, how does asking me about the lotto that will never happen mean anything towards knowing me? He later asked me what my favorite childhood vacation with my family was.. Just stick to relevant facts, please.

My eyes glazed over before reading it all.

Some things you just shouldn't admit

A man of few words

Dot dot dot...

He lives in another country

Make my date try them out first?

Reminds of this


Insecurity x2

I'm secretly a 50 year old man trying to be hip

Later gator is back!

No picture and wanting a FWB? Someone's cheating

So much substance

My lips

How sweet

Leave me alone, Wardy!

This is why I appreciate Google

A guy messaged me and he seemed to be my type after seeing his photos and profile.

A creepy online dating story... sort of

Back when I had Myspace, I got a message from this weird looking guy.

Would my cat like you?

You really sent me your paper on tasers? Really?

Send confusing message. Hope to get any sort of response.

Nice screen name

Is it ask Jeanna a stupid question day?

Wow, what a charmer




Fall in your eyes

A question mark? A period? Something?

 Could this be anymore useless?

Creative wouldn't be the word I'd use

Oh, if he only knew..