Bullies.. It's like grade school.

Okay, this is going to be a somewhat confusing post because I don't have the original content. In the beginning, when I started Okcupid, there was a guy who sent me an awfully mean spirited message. I wish I saved it because there was so much hatred in it towards me. Pretty much said I was a bitch and other swear words and that I should get off Okcupid because looking for "friends" on Okcupid was stupid or something like that. Sounds tame in how I describe it, but I am forgetting the specifics and I rarely ever get aggressive emails.

I check the guy's profile and again, it is mean spirited. It is self-deprecating and even insults the person reading his profile saying that women are "crazy bitches". Very charming. The guy is 29 years old, living with his parents and is a father. I can see why he is so bitter. I don't bother having a squabble with him. I block him.

Fast forward to a month later when I have a new account and he IM's me. I, for one, am shocked. He is talking to me and tells me he doesn't remember sending such a message. Yeah, okay. Everything about this person is cliche and you'll see why if you read the conversation. When will guys learn that being a bully to a woman NEVER works? I have had bullies in my life who later told me they had a crush on me the whole time. Who knew a 29 year old man would still act that way, especially on a dating site? After the jump is some of our conversation.

HIM: Hi.

HIM: You don't sound overly friendly, but I was wondering if you'd like to chat anyways? ;-)

ME: you obviously don't remember that you sent me an insensitive message in the past.

HIM: Lady, you obviously have no idea what its like to be down in the trenches so to speak, trying to get something going. For what it's worth, I apologize for not remembering, and for whatever I said in the past, as it must have been memorable?

ME: you went on a rant how someone looking for friends shouldn't be on here

HIM: well, i think you're pretty, so at least you have that on me.

HIM: "he might say mean things, but he wants me"

ME: shouldn't say mean things to girls.

HIM: you're right.

HIM: however...in my defense.

HIM: i'm about to go gay

HIM: as a result of trying to internet date?

HIM: it's aggravating.

HIM: lol, your profile made me smile though

ME: maybe you should change your approach. your profile seems pretty pessimistic

HIM: and perhaps youre right...but i'm well aware i have many things in my profile and life women don't care for.

HIM: I got so tired of getting an hour into a convo

HIM: dropping a "bomb"

HIM: and feeling like i've wasted my time

ME: what bomb

HIM: things that typically bother women

HIM: in my case

HIM: i don't drive

HIM: they hate taht

HIM: i smoke marijuana

HIM: they hate that

ME: why don't you drive?

HIM: DUI from 2002 or so.

ME: that's awhile ago

HIM: anyways, i kinda feel like i'm a dust old often looked over artifact

HIM: someday

HIM: some girls gonna blow away the dust

HIM: and realize she's got herself one helluva prize

HIM: and yes it is..

HIM: i don't like not having a license anymore than they dislike it...ya know?

ME: well people are attracted to positivity, so you'll have to try to think differently

HIM: i agree

HIM: it's hard though

HIM: positive and happy go hand in hand

HIM: it's hard to be positive when one is so unhappy.

HIM: i'd rather you just gave me a pity date?

ME: haha

ME: if you are unhappy with yourself, you should focus on yourself. having a gf won't solve the issues.

HIM: i'm not unhappy with myself (hahahahaha)

HIM: i'm unhappy with being single

HIM: i'm quite optimistic and positive. (hahahahaha)

HIM: all in all

ME: your profile doesn't show that and that is what women see

HIM: lol, so on our date, you can fix my profile up?

HIM: make it "spiffy"

HIM: lol, teach me all about what makes ladies tick?

ME: tick?

HIM: that's my way of admitting i understand very little of women?

HIM:you know..."tick" you take apart a watch to see what makes it tick?

ME: oh ok

ME: hmm

ME: well i think the first step is to be positive. if you aren't, it won't attract any girl.

HIM: I'm no negative nelly, but I can try and make my profile more so.

ME: i'm sure there is a website out there to help

HIM: you're missing the point

ME: i'd change the first paragraph. it seems negative and insecure

HIM: okay.

HIM: Would you like to do something this new years?

ME:i already have plans

HIM: So raincheck me?

HIM: Another time then?

ME: I suppose

HIM: I love the enthusiasm! ;-)

HIM: Do you drink?

ME: not at all. dont smoke either

HIM: well...how about dinner then?

HIM: or is that too datish?

ME: i don't meet people so soon

HIM: I'm in FL right now anyways, won't be back till the 31st.

HIM: I'm fine with getting to know one another better in the meantime?

ME: yeah

HIM:You gonna make me find you on here to do so?

HIM: I'd rather give you my cell number and become texting buddies?

ME :i don't text

HIM: Might I be able to just call you outright then? I'm a good phone conversationalist. I probably wouldn't even call you till I got back to IL.

ME: i can't. i have a prepaid one. it's low on minutes

HIM: Okay, yahoo messenger maybe?

HIM: Hand written letters?

HIM: lol, work with me?

HIM: You there?

HIM: Cinderella? You ran off without even leaving me a slipper to find you? ;-)

4 words: Out his damn mind.