This is going to need a back story. The guy messaged me saying how boring my profile is and other insulting things like that. I was bored, so I talked to him about what I should change my profile with. On his profile, it does mention his love of BDSM.

This is how it is done

This is probably the best message I have received while on Okcupid in a long time. The posts below should show why I am happy to read that...

Do men think women are blind?

I seriously ask myself this when I scroll through profiles. Come on.

His profile:
What I am doing with my life:
Working out and getting chiseled.

You should message me if:
You are not trying to hide bulges of fat. You are healthy,nonsmoker, and cute.


I don't know how I forgot to make an entry about this, but someone had made me a portrait on their computer of me. At first, I was very freaked out, but then I didn't think much of it and thought it was thoughtful. He isn't finished yet... obviously.


I really, really hate this overly fake confidence men try and have on Okcupid. It's such a turn off. Ugh.

Right when I sent the first message, I regretted sending that. I should have sent this:

TL;DR. You don't have to explain and apologize for yourself

What is up with guys always having to explain themselves and say sorry? Reminds me of the other Asian male.  I suppose I caught him doing a copy and paste and back tracked. His last message makes no sense whatsoever after his first message to me..


To anyone who thinks I am cold and have too high of standards, all I am asking for is someone who is wearing proper clothing in their photos, not drinking alcohol or obviously drunk while flipping off the camera and not posing with women from Hooters or the car shows. I'd prefer for them not to be holding a dead deer in their photo either. I have met guys off the website who were normal, so they're out there.

See, normal!

You didn't read my profile!!

He is the antithesis of what I am looking for! I state on my profile:

You should message me if:

you're not a creep or have been on To Catch A Predator. Also can form complete sentences with no "text speak" in it.
If you are not into your health and eating well, then we won't get along.
Not interested if you have photos where you are sticking your middle finger up. Rude.
It's a turn off if you have shirtless photos of yourself.
Maturity is a turn on.
If your idea of a good time does not include a beer bong, riding in a truck or hunting, we should get along wonderfully.

Am I asking for too much or what?!


I have a big pet-peeve when men show shirtless photos of themselves on dating site. Same goes for taking one flexing their muscles in the mirror. No class and they tend to be the type that finds shotgunning a beer a good time. Not my type. Those types of photos seem so barbaric. Of course, this guy listed he was looking for casual sex.

Lovely manners

 Gorgeous, divine, captivating, seductive, exuberant, lovely beauty

Part 2 

Please be trolling me

 I am wondering if he got that image from a gay porn photo gallery?

Don't do drugs

Ohhhh he got me. Skinny girl = meth. This is me right now.


Back story. On my profile, I state that I am not interested if you have shirtless photos of yourself. That is why he sent me that message. He had messaged me in the past more than once, but I never really responded because he's not my type.. a loud partier is not what I gravitate towards.