Go with your gut.

That is what always works. A guy messages me. He looks like a serial killer in his photos and I notice he is always shirtless, but he seemed okay, so I kept talking.

We talk on IM and he mentions how he is into "erotic photography". I already knew about the erotic part by his profile mentioning "erotic poetry". I was concerned, but I was bored and wanted to see if he could be more than what I assumed. He kept sending me photos of himself. I never had a guy send so many photos of himself.

He starts bringing up sexual things more into the conversation and I tell him how I am NOT on Okcupid for that. If I was, I'd put "for casual sex" on my profile and I don't. I tell him about some of my relative's pasts. He tells me how he goes on Plenty of Fish for random sex! That site is nasty.

oh my
we wouldn't work out lol
you come from a 'promiscuous' bunch and seemingly want to separate yourself from that
while I came from a sexless household and will probably want to savagely use my dick until it doesn't point straight anymore
not that it does anyways haha

His Okcupid questions were also alarming:

Do you enjoy giving oral sex?
Love it! This may be one of the few times I indulge in my child ego state, but dear god, cuff my hands behind my back, grab me by the head and force my head between your lap, dig your nails into the back of my neck and hold me there until you can't take it anymore... please.