This is why guys need to put in effort

This is my inbox at noon, all from one day. I read online how guys would prefer a, "No thank you. I am not interested." response to their messages instead of no response at all. They would also appreciate an answer to why you didn't like them. That is way too time consuming as it is. These are all messages from 18 different people and the day isn't even over.

You know what happens when you tell them NICELY you're not interested and the reason why?
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This is why I don't bother responding to people who I have no interest in! And yes, I am aware I should have blocked him and not dragged the conversation out. I wanted to show what happens when you do what men would prefer on Okcupid.

This is another example. FYI: No photos or information = "I'm married/in a relationship and cheating." I had Googled the 37 year old's screen name and his Myspace came up with his real name on it. The moment I mentioned it, he bailed.