A creepy online dating story... sort of

Back when I had Myspace, I got a message from this weird looking guy.

He wanted to go on a date with me. My boyfriend at the time, who went to school with him, said he was a freak and to avoid him. I think I had my AIM name on my profile and that guy and I start talking on IM. I Googled his screen name off there. A ton of sex fetish BDSM sites came up like he wanted to pee on women, etc. It scared me. I blocked him on everything.

Months later, my dad orders a new couch and there were two movers I had to let into the house since no one else was home. The one guy looked very familiar. He had special facial features one could not forget. After they left, I figured it out and IMed that person and asked if he was a furniture mover. He said yes.

Every dating site I have been on he has contacted me including Okcupid. I don't know if he remembers me or not. We don't live that far away and he stills shows up on my Okcupid searches nearby. I'm not interested in being choked or urinated on. Small world...