This is why I appreciate Google

A guy messaged me and he seemed to be my type after seeing his photos and profile.

I Google his screen name and comes up. I don't use that site ever, but know how it works. I see a ton of a sexual postings in a section called "gone wild" from his screen name. His screen name is pretty unique, but I wanted to be optimistic that it wasn't him.

I scroll through the posts and it shows a post from him linking a picture of his PENIS with a little Post-It note laying on his stomach. It has his screen name and date written on it. To confirm it was really him, I found a comment from him posting on a sexual thread from a girl that lives in Chicago (the same city he lives in). She was looking for a random hook up and he responded. Umm gross. On top of that, he posted this a couple days ago on someone's thread about feeling depressed over a break up: "I feel the EXACT same way, she won't even talk to me but when I see her I can see in her eyes that she's hurting like me. She told me she focuses on the negatives of our two year relationship because it keeps her from killing herself yet she won't acknowledge my fb messages where I pour my heart out. It's a shitty feeling and I know how you feel, I'm sorry for your loss, have an upvote." I also found out he used to coke: "$50 in Chicago, $150 for 3.6 from the guy I used to get from."  


Can you imagine if I met this guy and didn't know this stuff? I would have wasted my time.
Thank you, Google. You saved me.

Update: I eventually tell him why I am no longer interested because my lack of responses showcased that. He responded with: