Things not to do or say...

Here is a list of things guys shouldn't say or do on dates. This is what happened to me.
 (plus another dating story)

Don't do or say.. 
(sense my sarcasm)

...That Kevin James is your favorite actor and Rascal Flatts is your favorite band.

...That people say you look like Matthew McConaughey when you really, really don't.

...Run your fingers through my hair on the first date telling me you like girls with natural hair, but you think mine is "okay" to you for being highlighted.

...Ask me to pay my share on a first date.

...Let me walk around a city lost in 4'' wedges for blocks and blocks because you won't get a taxi for whatever reason.

...Tell me on the first date you were going to pay for your ex-girlfriend's college tuition and how you were going to marry her, but she cheated on you. You're also still Facebook friends.

...Text me at 1 am saying "Fell asleep and just woke up wishing you were in bed next to me" when we've only met once in person.

...You write poetry.

...Inform me you have two "cool chicks" as your new roommates.

...Force a kiss on me while we're watching a movie and I'm speaking mid-sentence.

...Tell me you were too busy to respond to my email for a week when you were signing into your Okcupid every day.

...Say your best friend is a female.

...You eventually confess that you find playing video games, drinking and smoking pot as an idea of a fun time with friends.

...You really love Tupac and then make racist jokes about how poor black people are when we're on the subway.

...That photo of you smoking a blunt on Facebook is "bad ass".

...That you take Ambien, Celexa and sometimes Xanax while we're on a first date.

...Not pick me up in your car when you have one.

...Leave me waiting for my train home at night alone because you were "tired".

...Cook pasta with olive oil and put every dry herb you have on top of it so it tastes like grass because you're too cheap.

...Comment someone on Facebook saying you used your last dollar for the month to buy concert tickets.

Here is a dating story I had years ago. I was talking to a guy from and he was telling me how he gave his ex an ultimatum - either get a better job or it's over. Her job was a receptionist and he deemed it too "high school" and he wanted his future wife to have a better career. You would think that he was a brain surgeon or even a lawyer to be talking so highly, but he was an IT specialist.
Mind you, I was unemployed at the time, so I could only imagine what he'd say to me. After I informed him of my employment status, he gave me a lecture, but still wanted to keep talking to me. I laughed to myself and blocked him on everything. I dodged a bullet for sure.