This is a story of what can happen when you reject someone.

I still used AIM. Yes, it is true. I only kept in contact with one family member on there, otherwise I had no use for it anymore. When I was on years ago, I attracted a stalker and he would contact me on AIM. Since I didn't have a subscription all the time, I put it on my profile to contact me on AIM. Last year, he would make fake screen names of sugary sweet young girls to IM me. The "girls" would sound like they just snorted glitter and coke off J-14 magazines. He liked the names Tina and Lexi. Well, tonight I get a typical IM from a girl saying she is named Lexi, even though her screen name clearly says Katelyn, and didn't know how I'm on her buddy list. I didn't bother responding.

The Tina character was a young girl with a guy friend on who was too shy to contact me directly and wanted to hook me up with him, but wouldn't show a photo of him or his screen name. They did, however, want more photos of me and would try to coax me into sending photos in my underwear. The guy she describes is the exact same person as the guy I rejected on and was later connected to by his AIM name. 

If you want our specific conversation to see how crazy this whole thing was, read this excerpt.

Tina: you should be like totally sexy, you probably have a bangin body.  I bet you could get any guy
Me: no, i wouldn't do that.
Tina: lol ok don't tell anybody, but what if I am super horny?
Me: turn to jesus
Tina: lol I don't think that will help me
Me : so what happened with mike. that was his name, right?
Tina : I don't know I didn't show him any pictures.  He will probably say hi to you though I think
Me : oh ok
Tina : I mean do you even want him to say hi, I can't tell if you are even interested at all
Me : you haven't told me anything about him. i don't even know how he looks or what he does for a living, etc
Tina: oh hes so cute. He is the super nicest sweet heart ever, and he has that rough tough side to him sometimes too which is super sexy
Me: i'm not into rough and tough guys
Tina : ya like I said though he is a sweetheart, but he has that side to him if he has to have it but I love him such a sweetie
Me: he doesn't sound like he is interested if he wasn't the one who was looking
Tina: He just didn't like the online idea.  but I convinced him people are not all crazy online
Me: oh ok
Tina: lol well you might be crazy. I don't know
Me: i might
Tina: Well I told him you aren't.  If you are he can take care of himself he's a cop!
Tina: A super sexy cop
Me: that's a drag. i'm not into dating cops
Tina: and he's really good too like he is so young still and he already has a bunch of like big cool awards
Tina: oh you can't just say no because you don't like some cops, they are not all the same people.  Don't be mean
Tina: Mike is an amazing person and would never beat anyone he cares about. You have no idea, you talk to him once and you will see
Me : that's good to hear
Tina : lol and just a heads up, I told him you have a great butt too lol
Me : he'll be sadly disappointed then
Tina: lol really?
Me: i never said i had a nice behind. i'm just thin.
Tina: lol so am I.  I have a lil junk in the trunk though hahah
Tina: You said your boobs were similar to mine though right?  Maybe I should have said you have nice boobs instead of butt
Me: they're normal and no I never said that.
Tina: lol stop being shy and show me!  Then I don't have to guess when I talk to him I can tell him how it is
Me: nah, it's just a skinny white girl's behind. nothing special
Tina: lol all girls say that stuff.  Come on show me somethin here lol
Me: nah, he can tell in person with clothes on
Tina: oh lol nooooo I wasn't asking for like naked. I am not lez at all, although a girls body is beautiful
Tina: You don't need to. You can always say no.  I was just wondering of course I told Mike something and now you are saying I was wrong so now I feel really bad like I don't like lying
Me: if he doesn't like me because i don't have a big butt, then that's his problem. a good guy wouldn't care, which you said he was
Tina: lol you seem very uptight
Me: i guess i am
Tina: Ok he will love you, well maybe after you loosen up some he will love you, but he will at least really like you now

Tina: So I am happy telling him to say hi

One time he tried to convince me he was a professional football player asking for nudes (I never gave it nor believed him). I knew it was him every time because he had a specific way of talking. I was active on, so I was getting real IM's from guys on the site and didn't want to brush every single person off that contacted me on there. I eventually blocked the "footballer" and he instantly IMed me on a screen name I later tracked his to a account that I remember rejecting. His profile said he worked in law enforcement. Imagine someone as crazy as that with a gun. I confronted him on AIM about it for a laugh and he said, "Oh, you know my friend???" trying to act like it wasn't him and was only using his AIM screen name. It was the strangest thing. In total, he probably had 5 or 6 different alter egos to try and talk to me or get photos. The fact he still does this a year later is troubling.