The internets

This is what happens when I Google my Okcupid screen name out of boredom. I see a link to a forum, so I click it to see these guys are talking me and others girls. Great... Here are some screen caps concerning me. Click read more the see the rest. Click the images to expand them:

My little stalker

Got bored and replied to his message on the 10th of January. I responded 4 times on the 10th with simple answers to his question. I never told him to not use my name. I never replied again. I assumed that by not asking questions back and never responding that he'd take the hint. I don't remember if that was the first time he had messaged me or not. Take note of the dates. Every time I sign on, there he is at the top of  my "visitors" list. I also noticed that he cropped his face out of his photo so it'll just show his muscles now. Poor guy. And yes, I know I am a cruel person for this. He's 5'5'', 30 and Asian. I'm 5'7'' and 22 years old..

My favorites

Maybe she's born with it

Meanwhile, in Amish country

Secretly gay or likes fighting people?


Adult friend finder

Romantic as hell. Olive Garden is next

Romantic part II

Sounds like a Nigerian scam



Brain cells have been burned

For some reason, I don't believe him


Makes me geek 

Joke fail
I have a twin somewhere
Cockiness is not attractive
Vary beautiful ;)


Talking to an Asian girl trapped in a grown man's body

Needing validation now

Drunk on Okcupid

How are tonight?

This is me not being interested

I.. think I'm love too


Color blind


Wats up lol

The other description sounds like a dream

Oh em gee like a movie! :) :)

Sassyy ;)

Your beautiful =)


From Match

Look at arrow

I just thought you where cute

You are very gourgous

Bullies.. It's like grade school.

Okay, this is going to be a somewhat confusing post because I don't have the original content. In the beginning, when I started Okcupid, there was a guy who sent me an awfully mean spirited message. I wish I saved it because there was so much hatred in it towards me. Pretty much said I was a bitch and other swear words and that I should get off Okcupid because looking for "friends" on Okcupid was stupid or something like that. Sounds tame in how I describe it, but I am forgetting the specifics and I rarely ever get aggressive emails.

I check the guy's profile and again, it is mean spirited. It is self-deprecating and even insults the person reading his profile saying that women are "crazy bitches". Very charming. The guy is 29 years old, living with his parents and is a father. I can see why he is so bitter. I don't bother having a squabble with him. I block him.

Fast forward to a month later when I have a new account and he IM's me. I, for one, am shocked. He is talking to me and tells me he doesn't remember sending such a message. Yeah, okay. Everything about this person is cliche and you'll see why if you read the conversation. When will guys learn that being a bully to a woman NEVER works? I have had bullies in my life who later told me they had a crush on me the whole time. Who knew a 29 year old man would still act that way, especially on a dating site? After the jump is some of our conversation.