Would my cat like you?

You really sent me your paper on tasers? Really?

Send confusing message. Hope to get any sort of response.

Nice screen name

Is it ask Jeanna a stupid question day?

Wow, what a charmer




Fall in your eyes

A question mark? A period? Something?

 Could this be anymore useless?

Creative wouldn't be the word I'd use

Oh, if he only knew..

Another drawing

Just a note: I never ask anywhere on my profile for guys to draw me. This time, the guy asked beforehand if he could draw me.

Here is one from another guy in the past:
This is why I hate messages sent from Okcupid mobile app

I'm not interested in playing musical chairs

Girl won't date you? Ask to draw a photo of her

It must get boring sending the same message for 9 months

Not sure how to respond..

#1 rule: Don't be desperate

One day of messages

This is one full day and guys would like a courteous response to why I am not interested in prolonging our conversation? Two are the same person, otherwise the rest (40) are all different people. While it isn't always like this (I don't think.. This is the first time I haven't deleted any messages from the day, so it's hard to gauge), it can get overwhelming and people's messages get lost.

This is why guys need to put in effort

This is my inbox at noon, all from one day. I read online how guys would prefer a, "No thank you. I am not interested." response to their messages instead of no response at all. They would also appreciate an answer to why you didn't like them. That is way too time consuming as it is. These are all messages from 18 different people and the day isn't even over.

You know what happens when you tell them NICELY you're not interested and the reason why?
 Click below to find out.
I plan on wearing your skin after our first date.

The fountain of youth isn't an Abercrombie shirt

Work it.

English teachers everywhere are weeping

Note: It's creepy to mention how "pure" I look..

I'm being brutally honest and also making no sense

You probly wouldent like me

Well, this is depressing

Let's redo this because I didn't read your profile first