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You know, when I really want to know someone, I ask this hard-hitting question


Ask your mom

Direct and honest

The last time I got a "direct and honest" message, it was a guy telling me I look like I don't get laid much and should find a tutor. It's one of my favorite messages for how ridiculous it is though. (Not the same guys)

Older men...

Is there something in the air? I have gotten messages from 4 different men (not all shown) who are in their 40's-50's.


A "straight" girl messaged me
I Googled her images and they stole the photos from a porn site.


Okcupid's Promote Me

For the sake of my blog, I thought it would be interesting to see what would happen. In the first minute, it was up to 900 people. Outside of "promote me", if I put up a new photo, I would get more messages and about the same amount of views in a short amount of time, so I didn't really need it.

Would I do it again? No, probably not.

I tried it again and it was a COMPLETELY different result. I think they changed the format. In the original version, I think you weren't able to see who the "2,231" people were. This time, they show little photos of the profiles and if you click a ton of them, you'll get your money's worth. I did it for a third time without clicking the profile pictures and got zero messages, so clicking the photos means the most.
(And no, Okcupid didn't pay me to say this.)

60 messages and almost 200 views? I'd say it is totally worth the $2.00 I paid.



Thank you

A country boy, yes.. of course
(I promise I appreciate all the compliments in emails, but I'm allowed to cringe too..)

You may want to dream bigger

The only thing that crossed my mind after reading this..

What not to put in your profile..

I received a message from a guy and when I saw his profile, I instantly thought, "Wow, this is a really bad profile. I'm getting PUA vibes." I Googled a portion of his profile and what do you know? It gives a list of a TON of profiles (not his). This really is one of the worst things you can do on your profile. It gives nothing about how you really are, just that you hate people and have no personality.

A screen cap is below the cut.

2013 hall of fame

My all time favorite message of 2013:

My favorite little stalker
He messaged me every single week, sending a total of 18 messages when I only replied to one saying I was not interested.

Full story here:


Random racism

Negging 101

Cute poems

Jealous of my legs

But.. you wanted to marry me

Virginity, healthy, and good family

The lost art of passionate kissing


After he sent the heartfelt message, he put up a shirtless photo of himself in the mirror. He's elderly.

Strange man

Full story:

No, really, I'm straight


Anatomy of a message


Why is nobody subtle anymore?

I don't want to meet your friend..


Are you trying to guilt trip me, mister?