Long time no see

Yes, I am back. 

I was gifted a Match.com account.You get less crazy messages on Match since the fee weeds out most losers asking if you wear thongs or suggest that you need a tutor to fall in love with. 

I have been getting messages from "wealthy" men (aka: most likely uses fake photos and has $50 to their name) talking about flying out for the first date and "spoiling" me.

How charming
He put me in his favorites and in his headline he makes a play on words connected to 50 Shades of Grey. I get a mix of confusion and fear like he's going to kill me while I look at his photos.
"I once flew a date in from NY just to have a beast show up that looked like and old, obese, alcoholic, man w/ down syndrome version of her supermodel pic."

At least he has some self-awareness

He must be new