Why you shouldn't use PUA tricks

You'd want to go to the beach with someone who weighs a staggering 150 lbs?! That is crazy! A note to the people reading this blog who don't know what I look like: I weigh 110 lbs and am 5'7'' tall. Anyone with eyes can tell that from the photos I posted on Okcupid, so I was trolling him because to ask anyone's weight, regardless of gender, is rude.

Out of intense curiosity, I ended up Googling his phone number he listed more than once to me. I found his Facebook which showcased his true hatred towards women like countless macros of misogynist sayings. He also had a Model Mayhem account as a "model". Don't ask..

His current Okcupid profile lists himself as 27 and an older account says 37. Creepy. His screen name and phone number lists many, many PUA forums. He lists himself as "experienced" and brags about all the women he has been with. If interested, click the link below to see something he posted on the PUA forums he is on.

It's amusing because one post is him bragging (aka: lying) about all the women he has been with, then the next one is saying how he isn't getting any women and doesn't know why!

One post says,

"Ok, well im pretty much an amazing guy, and i still seem to have trouble getting girls. I have a very high standard and am very good looking. But I dont have alot of friends. I spend alot of time online and rarely talk to girls during the day. Ive gone to the mall and passed out out 6 phone numbers and havent gotten a single call back, and i have never been picked up at a bar.

I am a very high caliber guy, im actually a professional guitarist, in shape, have some cool tats and do some modeling on the side so whats the deal? Im actually an awesome guy, i treat girls with respect i have no drama or issues and im not getting the quality i (a rockstar) should be getting. I think alot comes down to genes. Im not a body builder, im not rich and i wont put up with a girls stuck up on themselves and alot of times i get defensive when a girl isnt interested when i think she should be, so im not sure what the problem is. Alot of times i get one word answers from sites like myspace and pof where i spent most of my time getting successful game, sometimes i get numbers but it doesnt lead to anything after that, but im just not happy. I havent dated a girl in a year and a half cuz after meeting 40 or 50 girls in that time none were good enuff to date.

So anyway any input might help. I try to stay away from the club play. (Not that i wouldnt hit it, bur im not really a bar fly and its extremely difficult for me to walk up to a girl(s) in public and say anything without looking like a tool/stalker/killer/dooshbag. Help out if ya can."

Shockingly, the people on the forum turned on him saying he needed to stop focusing on himself and get a reality check.