Your "friend", eh?

The guy messaging me was using a stock image photo and barely had anything written in his profile. I find it odd that he is spending his time searching for his friend. 
Here is a link to a stalker I used to have who would CONSTANTLY try to Catfish me for years.

Unrealistic Expectations


My fantasy includes blocking

*Signs off*

Not sure if this is a joke

If they're going to pretend that they saw me somewhere, can they at least make it more glamorous? 

Very middle school

Let's not

When in doubt, pull the doctor card

Please, don't message people with just Emojis.

Being a panda is a big deal breaker

His first message to me


Of all the fruits..

He lives over 1000 miles away

I have been single for months. The only fun things underneath are my unshaven legs.

I feel like I will see this guy on Dateline: Real Life Mysteries

I may be a little irritable today

The longest one way conversation... ever

It is so long that it must be contained behind a cut.

"I discussed to my mom about your profile too.
"I will give you so much care and respect."
"Plz reply me."

He's almost 40..

I sound like a criminal?
Kudos to you for doing a different copy and paste message.

You tried

That's a deep first question

Google Translate


Well, this is a first

A buffet, really?

"Go jump on him"
A girl listed as straight looks at my profile. I think the girl is actually the guy she linked me to. I get enough dicks thrown at me on the daily by this site. I don't need girls suggesting me guys to "jump on". I deleted some of the extra conversation.