What happened to coffee dates

My heart and spirit are more alive and awake


Thanks for reminding me..

Yes, I really am

I think he's secretly Mel Gibson

(And this is why I don't respond to people I don't actually like..)



Are you for real?

The moment I sent him that message, he changed his "what I'm looking for" section from "friends, short term dating, casual sex" to long-term.

Not being 47 would be a start..

(I Google image reversed his photos and found out his identity. And no, I did not put an ad out.)

I guess my profile makes me come off as Superman

Yes, the old, "I was in the shower and my friend made me an Okcupid profile" excuse

I don't know about you, but being told you aren't down to earth is an insult

He edited his photo after the first message did not get a response